About Us

Digitalisation of companies

The scope and structure of our services is strongly linked to our expertise in the field. You too can benefit from scalable solutions that are both innovative and reliable, while also saving you resources.

Saving resources and costs

It's not a platitude when we state that we want to conserve your resources. Thanks to our analytical capabilities, part of the solution is to strive for more efficient use of the resources at your disposal. With a solution from us, you'll grow faster than the competition.

Scalability of systems

We have often faced critical decisions in building infrastructure and systems for both small and large players. With this experience, we can advise you on how to make your company more flexible while leveraging concurrent solutions with a gradual move to higher levels of flexibility, decentralization and scalability.

70 million lines of code
Data query from huge databases in a few milliseconds displayed to the user on a web page.
600K Pageviews
Hundreds of thousands of requested web pages every day.
8+ Million Products
Automated processes update millions of products throughout the day.
100+ customers
Customer systems process orders, phone calls and written messages on a daily basis.

Our Clients

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