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Data securely stored and managed in your own Cloud

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Current cloud solutions from big players like Google offer the possibility of data storage. However, the data you put into them is used by large companies for data analytics, offering advertising services and is stored around the world without your physical access to the data carriers. Studies also show that large companies can suspend services based on individual preferences, which also prevents data access. This has happened to social network Parler, for example. We are not evaluating the nature of the Parler network; we are merely pointing out that your organisation may find itself in a similar situation.

You can now have things under your own control, stored on your own efficiently used servers, and using an open source application like NextCloud we can also provide services running in the Cloud. You can also efficiently allocate the power you need for cloud services from AWS, Azure or Google Cloud in our solutions if required.

We offer the NextCloud CaaS service as a fine-tuned managed service with security updates, and we configure all of them according to your specific requirements. Thanks to integration with Windows or macOS desktop environments but also Android or Apple smart phones, your data, contacts, video conferences or calendar will always be within reach and synchronized. Always secure, backed up and shared between employees or team members as needed within your organization.